• It is the policy of McFadyens Contractors to provide its customers with a service that fulfils their specified requirements.


    The following principles are applied throughout the company:


    1. Full commitment of all personnel to deliver a quality of service. It is also our intention to improve customer satisfaction level by inviting comment through our customer questionnaires.
    2. Full commitment of all personnel to active involvement in making improvements.
    3. Full commitment to using EnHonmentally Friendly products and promoting wherever possible, the re-cycling of old materials.
    4. Full Commitment to ongoing training and development of staff.
    5. Full understanding by all employees, of long term importance of achieving customer satisfaction and their role in ensuring that their failure to meet standards will lead to the company failing to meet customer standards. 
    6. An appreciation that a consistent quality service can only be achieved by ensuring control at each stage of service delivery, with the ultimate aim of achieving “Zero Defects.”


    A company-wide Quality System is in operation which is designed to comply with the requirements of BS/EN/ISO 9001:2015 as well as continually improve and review the effectiveness of these systems.


    The ISO system defines the commitments of the company, and the complementary Quality Procedures and Method Statements detail the methods that are employed to ensure Customer Satisfaction.


    The policy will be monitored annually by the Board of Directors and objectives / targets will be set at Management Meetings.




    William J. McFadyen
    Managing Director

  • McFadyens Contractors recognises that its people are its most valuable asset. Our Management are committed to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment, which extends to the protection of the public, property and the environment. The company takes a zero-tolerance attitude to unsafe practices. Safety is always the first consideration with respect to all business activities.


    The policy of McFadyens Contractors is to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors, customers, visitors and the general public from any injury due to the work activities. The business will therefore comply with all statutory requirements, regulations and approved codes of practice dealing with health and safety where applicable to the business.


    In fulfilling this commitment, and in compliance with legislative requirements, Management will strive toward the continued development of a positive Safety Culture within the workplace to help maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all persons within the workplace. Staff are encouraged to document and report incidents / near misses and to suggest safer ways of working. These reports will be investigated with the aim of preventing problems occurring and Management will endeavour to eliminate hazards where recognised.


    Management in combination with active employee involvement can, to a great extent, prevent and control accidental losses of all types. Prevention of such loss is the direct responsibility of all Staff, Managers and Employees alike.


    All Management functions will comply with the Company Policy regarding Health & Safety. All Staff should perform their duties properly and in accordance with established procedures, instructions and rules.


    This policy is reviewed at intervals not exceeding 12 months and the target will be to continuously improve Health & Safety within the business and meet the requirements of all relevant legislation and the OHSAS 18001 standard. Objectives and targets are set annually at management review meetings.




    William J. McFadyen
    Managing Director

  • McFadyens Contractors are committed to a positive and responsible course of action with regard to those aspects of the business which impact upon the environment. It seeks always to act in accordance with good practice, preserving and, where possible, enhancing the quality of the environment.


    Commitment to the environment is demonstrated by maintaining an Environmental Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and is focused on preventing pollution and continuously improving the company performance. Key components of the system include the establishment of environmental objectives and targets, which require the company to achieve continual improvement and the establishment of programmes to ensure satisfaction of these improvements, objectives and targets.


    The strategy addresses the following key areas to:


    • Review and reduce the environmental impacts of our operations
    • Increase employee environmental awareness and training
    • Protect natural resources, through pollution prevention and emergency response
    • Ensuring the company is a good neighbour
    • Recycle materials and minimise waste
    • Comply to all planning permission and license requirements


    Management, staff and employees are encouraged to liaise and work closely with suppliers, sub-contractors, regulators and customers to ensure the services will meet and exceed all regulatory requirements and other applicable requirements.


    Questions and enquiries should be directed to the Environmental Lead.


    This policy is publicly available.




    William J. McFadyen
    Managing Director

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001